JOHN SPearman, Deacon

John is a deacon, small group leader, Awana leader, and the chairman of Building and Grounds at Faith.

John and his wife, Georgia, have been married for 43 years. They have three daughters and six grandchildren.

Raised in Florida, he played high school football on a state champion team, attended college, and joined the Air Force. He has since worked as a software engineer, field engineer, and has been a salesman for over 25 years.

John and Georgia were called to be leaders of the high school ministry at Faith in 2001, and often note how God worked in amazing ways to get them to that place (ask him sometime!). They served as high school ministry leaders for five years and are now involved in a multitude of ministries.

John's desire is for Faith Bible Church to be:

  • a church with spiritual depth and commitment to reach our community and the world
  • an example of a harmonious family where our children find assurance of salvation and FAITH in God!
  • a place that builds strong families that are committed to honoring Christ by sharing the gospel
  • a church that works together with outside ministries to reinforce all the principles listed above

When asked what he has "learned from God in the last year," his reply was:

"There is not enough room here to fully answer! God is putting me and my family through some great challenges and growing experiences where we have seen His faithfulness, provision, and love. He is constantly encouraging us to seek Him in all aspects of life, and He leaves us in situations where we must WAIT on HIS answers, not our own. Praise God for all that He is doing—not only in my family—but also in our church. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!"

John's true joy is in knowing that his children and grandchildren are seeking God in the tough situations of life!